“Rune Weaver” by Aelius (read by Solomon Harries, part 2 of 2)

A corrosive miasma is spreading. Time is running out as Maple struggles to comprehend the ancient technology that once contained it.

Today’s story is the second of two parts of “Rune Weaver” by Aelius, who can be found at FurAffinity under the same username, showing both stories and artwork in his gallery. He has also been published twice, in Inhuman Acts and ROAR 8 by FurPlanet.

 Last time, Maple the deer arrived at a site of ancient ruins to investigate a series of mysterious glows appearing in rainstorms. With no sign of the expedition team she was supposed to meet there, she proceeds alone, discovering ancient glyphs covering the entire site, along with a strange metal structure situated over a massive, corrosive pit. Before she could explore further, the stonework she stood on collapsed, sending her plunging toward the pit’s caustic miasma.

Read by Solomon Harries, Cuddly Badger Dad.

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