“Rekindling” by Al Song (part 2 of 2, read by Buddy Goodboy)

Today’s story is the second and final part of “Rekindling” by Al Song, who is a musician, writer, and polyglot. The red kangaroo was an editor for the novel, “C.C.S.” by Tagenar. Al has been published in a dozen anthologies including: Fang 8, Roar 9, and Tales from the Guild: World Tour. “Rekindling” was originally published in Difursity: Volume 1 by Thurston Howl Publications, and you can find more of his stories on FurAffinity and SoFurry.

Last time, Charlie returned home from college in Seattle and spent time with his family while struggling to speak Lao to them. He also ran into an old friend, who came out to him and asked if the otter wanted to spend the rest of their evening in the park together.

Read by Buddy Goodboy, Esq., Attorney at Paw.

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