“Keep to the Path” by Dirt Coyote (Part 1 of 2, read by Ta'kom Ironhoof)

Vernon is dragged out to the forest by his cryptid obsessed friend. He doesn’t believe in any of that, but is about to be unpleasantly surprised.

You’re listening to the Ghost of Dog on The Voice of Dog. I’m Khaki, your faithful fireside companion, and Tonight’s story is the first of two parts of “Keep to the Path” by Dirt Coyote, who, when he’s not causing all sorts of trouble on twitter, is writing a novel, a series, and short furry fiction. Keep to the Path was featured in Beast! edited by Thurston Howl. Follow Dirt Coyote on Twitter for future updates.

Read by Ta’kom Ironhoof, the Equine Charmer.

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