“Ghost Unlaid Forbear Thee” by Tiberius Rings & Fruitz (part 2 of 2)

Halloween has come to New York City!  In the year 1900 two boys, Simon King of London and Peter Gray of New York City, hear about a reward for any information on the infamous Spring Heeled Jack, once thought to be a demon from London, he has been seen haunting New York and scaring its citizens.  

Will these two street urchins be able to uncover the mystery of who this person is, or will they bite off far more than they can chew?

Tonight’s story is the second and final part of “Ghost Unlaid Forbear Thee” by TiberiusRings and Fruitz, With Special guest character Peter Gray, from The Adventures of Peter Gray by Domus Vocis / Nate Hopp.

Last time, Simon and Peter heard about the mysterious Spring Heeled Jack, and thought they knew who he was.  They decided to track him down for proof, only to find their suspect ready to confront them.

Read for you by Rob MacWolf — werewolf hitchhiker.

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