“Fireside Meeting at the Rearguard Bivouac” by Friends of the Fireplace

Today’s story is a collaborative piece. Contributed stories are“Infiltration” by Drakolf Grimm, who recently started a rewrite of a story that we might be seeing in around a year, “Waiting for Something” by Leuna, who is busying themself as an essayist and is writing surreal short fiction on FurAffinity, “Ascension of the 225 Express” by Sparky, Sol Harries, and Rob MacWolf, and “Who wants coffee?” by Sparky.

Read by Dralen, the dapper Dragonfox, Ta’kom Ironhoof, the Equine Charmer, Rob MacWolf, werewolf hitchhiker, and Solomon Harries, a cuddly badger dad.

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