“A Pride at Pride” by Darius Davis (read by B.P. Rugger)

Today’s story is “A Pride at Pride” by Darius Davis, a black queer african wild dog author, who uses writing as a way to prime readers to experience new perspectives.You can follow him on twitter @2DWildDog and his Sofurry page at (2dstories) for future writing projects.

Going to Pride can be overwhelming for a first timer. But for Sami, this young lion has his own pride to show him the ropes. With his trans friends, Alondra and Wyatt, acting as the young lion’s tour guide, Sami gains access to a new world which emphasizes sex positivity, queer liberation, and a strong since of community. Question is, will Sami definitively discover something new about himself? Or will doubt take control and diminish his potential for self-growth?

Read by B.P. Rugger, the ineffable Moo Moon.

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