[18+] “The Witch of Whatcom County” by Kristina “Orrery” Tracer and Ko Bunny (read by Dirt Coyote, part 1 of 2)

[18+] Justine thought she was going out to interview some crackpot who thought she could do magic. Instead she comes face to face with her own long-buried past.

Today’s story is the first of two parts of “The Witch of Whatcom County” by Kristina “Orrery” Tracer, who has two published novels, available for purchase at Furplanet, and Nickylion aka Ko Bunny, who writes as a hobby over on Furaffinity. Witch of Whatcom County is Ko’s first published work, and you can find more of their stories on Furaffinity.

Read by Dirt Coyote, lately of twitter dot com.

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